Nevada Concealed Weapon Instruction
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Anthony B. Wojcicki Nevada CCW Instructor    775-772-4508

Gary J. LaMotte
July 2,2001

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to take this opportunity to offer my highest recommendations regarding a firearms course of instruction entitled “Survival Shooting”.   Tony Wojcicki, who is presently a resident of Reno, Nevada offers this advanced shooting survival course.  Mr. Wojcicki has a long history of protection service expertise and is top flight Range Instructor.

I am a retired law enforcement officer with (24) years of experience and have spent countless hours on the range training with various firearms.  In all of that time I have never experienced advanced firearms instruction that could compete with the caliber of training offered by Tony Wojcicki.  Tony is a pleasant  low-key instructor, with exceptional “teacher skills”.  It was such a pleasure working with a master gun handler who possesses knowledge of weaponry compatible with world renown, elite tactical forces.

I have attached a copy of the course out-line which was modified (shortened) for a trained police officer The out-line demonstrates the advanced subject matter covered by Tony Wojcicki  in his “Survival Shooting” course.


Gary J. LaMotte
Alaska State Trooper-Retired
Former Chief Marshal / Director of Security- Reno Municipal Court

Excerpts from Randy S. Langley’s endorsement are as follows:

As a bodyguard, and investigator he has provided protection for celebrities, politicians, executives, foreign dignitaries, and heads of state.  He is credited with having saved several lives. As a firearms instructor, he speaks with hundreds of thousands of rounds, and thirty years of experience.  Those rounds went through hundreds of different firearms including sub-machine guns.  His former students include investigators, executives, national defense specialists, security agents, Olympic, and world champion shooters. This combined with his years of experience in carrying concealed weapons provides the student with very special insight.

His personal and defensive firearms training courses are among the best in the industry.  If you are concerned about protecting yourself, and your family, I highly recommend training with Anthony Wojcicki. He knows from real world experience what it takes to stay alive when faced with mortal danger.
-Randy S. Langley, Investigator