Nevada Concealed Weapon Instruction
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Anthony B. Wojcicki Nevada CCW Instructor    775-772-4508

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about firearms, training
and state requirements for concealed weapons.

Anthony B. Wojcicki
P.O. Box 1720
Sparks, Nevada 89432


Frequently asked questions

1. Since Nevada no longer accepts Utah permits for legal carry, should I obtain a Nevada permit if I wish to carry in Nevada?

Yes, and we can help you with that.

2. What are the advantages of Utah vs. Florida for a second state permit that adds additional states?

Florida gives you more states you can legally
carry in, and thus broader coverage.

3. Do you have to qualify with all weapons you want to carry on your permit?

NO.  One handgun now covers all handguns
semi-automatic covers all semi-automatic pistols.
If you qualify with, you can carry any handgun you desire legally.  I have various handguns of each type for those students who wish to use them.

4. What makes this training special?

The training I provide is the direct result of the training I received from the best top tier instructors of the 20th century. Add to that 30 years of experience as a Level 3 (Highest level) firearms instructor, an on the street as an investigator, bodyguard, operative and protective agent-you have the basis for world class training.
*There is none better.