Nevada Concealed Weapon Instruction
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Anthony B. Wojcicki Nevada CCW Instructor    775-772-4508

About Anthony B. Wojcicki
As a teenager, Tony studied the modern technique of defensive pistolcraft as taught by Jeff Cooper. In 1980 he was exposed to and qualified on the FBI qualification course.  At that time the FBI qualification course with handguns involved shooting out to 50 yards. This allowed him to become a registered armed investigator in the state of Virginia.   Thirty years of experience as an operative, Investigator, professional bodyguard, security agent, ranger and high level combat arms instructor has given him exceptional insight with regard to armed protection.  It is not just "gun training" that Tony imparts on his students.  It is a comprehensive course in armed self-defense.
    He gives credit to those who provided him with the knowledge, training and experience that he shares with his students.  He has been fortunate to have been associated with top Federal firearms instructors  such as Col. Rex Applegate, legendary FBI instructor Bob Taubert and Gunsight founder Jeff Cooper.

    He now resides in Northern Nevada and teaches CCW classes at all levels, and with the types of firearms listed below:

    • Handguns
    • Tactical shotguns
    • Tactical rifles
    • Precision rifles
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